Julie Matheson

CFP Business Specialist | Local Government Expert | Political Adviser

Town Hall Meeting No 2

Another successful Town Hall Meeting was held in Nedlands on 26 October 2020 and reported in the most respected newspaper in WA, the Post Newspapers.

Julie Matheson with Mayor Keri Shannon, Ian Love, Cathy Broadbent, Cr Andrew Mangano and Sandra Boulter

The meeting was indeed organised by Ian Love of the Perth Alliance for Responsible Urban Planning. News broke quickly around the suburbs of Perth.

Guest speakers on local government and planning reform were interviewed by Ian about their personal experience at the WA Planning Commission, the Supreme Court and State Administrative Tribunal:

A notice was handed out by Peter McDonald from the Shenton Park Group calling for Action Now on Planning Reform including:

  1. Development Assessment Panels (DAP) minimum threshold to $10million
  2. Revocation of planning schemes approved by Minister Saffioti against the wishes of the local community
  3. More prescriptive laws and less discretion to bend the rules
  4. Remove damages claims from developers when land zoning is decreased
  5. Enforce the Local Government Act and the powers bestowed on the Council to require the CEO and staff to comply with laws and policy direction
  6. Use Regulation 9 as it was intended for council to run the local government
  7. Impose sanctions for bad faith use of complaints to Local Government Standards Panel
  8. Limit ministerial powers as a means to bully councils on policy decisions
  9. Ensure councils have unfettered access to legal advice, planning advice and accounting advice
  10. Ban political donations by property developers to candidates and elected members of local government, parliament and their respective political parties.

Contact Peter McDonald: peter@tertiarybalance.com.au

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