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Game, Set, Match to Daglish

Henry Daglish MLA. Born 18/11/1866
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Died 16/08/1920 , Perth Western Australia

Hillcrest Tennis Club was founded in 1930 with a grant of £878.00 pounds from the Municipality of Subiaco. On the 1925 map (plan) of the townsite of Daglish produced by the Department of Lands and Surveys, shows the preservation of Lot 45 (the tennis club & children’s reserve) as open space. So the idea of a recreational reserve has been an integral part of Daglish from its origins.

Hillcrest Tennis Club opened on Saturday 21st March 1930 with a strong membership of 60 people for such a new suburb. Mr Henry Daglish is listed as one of the first male members of the club. His daughter Misses Edith Daglish served as the Treasurer of the club for many years.

This small suburb of Daglish within the municipality of Subiaco was proclaimed a townsite in his honour in 1928 after his death. It’s design is the first Garden Suburb (Read More) in Western Australia after Canberra, the first Garden City which originated from England.

Henry Daglish’s wife, Edith Daglish (nee Bishop) was awarded an O.B.E. in recognition of her welfare work with returning soldiers after World War I. The suburb of Daglish was named after Henry with perhaps some recognition also due to the community work of Edith.

The importance of Daglish Tennis Club in following the garden suburb principles of layout and design because of it is the focal point located at the crest of the first Hill Rise and Cunningham Tce. In November 1939 Hillcrest Tennis Club changed its name to Daglish Tennis club to reflect its proud heritage.
This club has a heart and a wonderful social atmosphere which was based around a little shed which the men constructed . They boiled their afternoon billy on an open fire. They even had a couple of lovely summer night parties on the coast playing games and dancing.

The right Honorable Mr. Henry Daglish, M.L.A and Mayor of Subiaco from 1st December 1902 – 30 November 1904 . He was re-elected as the Legislative Assembly member for Subiaco on 28 June 1904 with nearly 80 per cent of the vote. They held a Fortnightly meeting at the Subiaco Municipal Council Chambers on Wednesday 15th April 1908 to discuss the use of Subiaco’s Reserve lot 591A (Subiaco Oval) considering many letters sent in suggesting a football oval and tennis clubs. For more information click here

Henry Daglish served as president of the Subiaco Football Club from 1902–06 and again in 1911. So as you can see Henry Daglish was a very active community member that saw the need for sporting clubs and leisure areas to be set up in Daglish and in Subiaco.

In the 1980’s Daglish Tennis Club decided it was time to demolish the old timber club house and with the assistance of local residents and members of the club, rallied and assisted in the building of a new brick clubhouse.

Daglish Tennis club is now listed by The City of Subiaco that it is Heritage listed as “Places of ‘some significance’ are places that contribute to the heritage of the city and their conservation is desirable”.

This Tennis Club is a small club but with a heart of gold and it has very good reason to celebrate now as it has reached an important birthday. Happy 90th Birthday for Sunday 8th November 2020. One of the notable families to mention that have been involved since the inception of this club are the Langford’s. Harold Langford was one of the founding members of the club. At the 90th party Harold’s son John was there to celebrate with the current members.


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