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Subiaco (Oval) Reserve Update

Development WA is responsible for protecting and preserving the history and heritage of Subiaco’s biggest reserve known as Subiaco Oval and Kitchener Park Crown Land.

Here’s an update from Development WA sent to Ross Carson, a keen enthusiast for retaining Subiaco Municipal Reserve as Crown Land.

Subiaco Oval was listed on the State Heritage list in August 2019 just prior to demolition: DOCUMENTATION OF PLACES (stateheritage.wa.gov.au)

Demolition and salvage

All materials remaining following the handover of the Oval from the WAFC were recovered by the contractor and sent to Brakovich’s salvage. Many items were requested by the community and were directed to the Brakovich yard for purchase of any items of interest.

Heritage demolished at Subiaco Oval 2019
Demolition of the heritage listed AFL Oval, grandstands and lights at Subiaco Oval in August 2019

As you are aware, DevelopmentWA has retained the Sandoval Medal Pavers which have been stored with the intent of reinterpreting them within the new development. DevelopmentWA have also retained materials such as goal posts, timber seating, balustrades and bricks. These have all been recorded and will be repurposed in the future redevelopment of Subiaco East. Development WA notes your concerns that items be safely handled and stored and can confirm that DevelopmentWA have accepted responsibility for storing and preserving the items mentioned above.

Subiaco Municipal Reserve Lot reference

The Master Plan does not reference lots as this is a high level plan for the area. However Development WA can provide the following information regarding your query: Lots 12731 and 12732 refer to the former Subiaco Municipal Reserve (Subiaco Oval) and Bob Hawke College (Kitchener Park) sites.
Lot 501 Subiaco Oval (all lands south of Subiaco Road and west of Bob Hawke College) and Lot 500 Bob Hawke College (East of Lot 501) have replaced Lots 12732 and Lots 12731.  The zoning of these lots is subject to the Subiaco Redevelopment Scheme. Development WA can confirm that the site remains Crown Land and therefore owned by the State of Western Australia.

Map of Crown Land Reserves Lots 12731 and 12732 from Subiaco Council’s Vesting Order 1999

Civic all-purpose buildings

The Co Shared Multi Use Recreational Facility (SMURF) has been identified within the approved Master Plan. There was a second proposed Youth Plaza space that was advertised as part of the draft Master Plan. This was removed following community feedback as part of the approved Master Planning.  In addition a development application will be submitted in January 2021 to roll out the Public Realm Design which will include public toilets.  All DA applications are advertised for 21 days of public comment.

Link to Public Realm Landscape Drawings for lots 500 and 501: Plans—Lot-500-and-501-Roberts-Road-Subiaco—Subiaco-Oval-Public-Realm.pdf (developmentwa.com.au)


Information has been previously provided on 22 September 2020 regarding the turnstiles and timelines. Development WA confirm that the turnstiles have now been installed. About the Subi East Redevelopment Area | Have Your Say DevelopmentWA

Sandover Medal Walk

The WAFC are the decision makers for the Sandover Medal Walk. There has been ongoing consultation with the Sandover Family in relation to their preference for reinterpretation of the walk. The walk will form part of the Public Realm works which are anticipated to be complete by 2023.

2016 Sandover Medal winner Jye Bolton, Claremont Football Club

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