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Subiaco – Home to your next development masterpiece

Tree-lined streets of Subi Centro

The City of Subiaco is a dream destination for your next development or renovation. The City is surrounded by public transport, centrally located, networked with a strong economy and a diverse population with a professional and multi-skilled workforce. Our cycle ways and tree lined footpaths to move people freely to their destination are second to none.

Central location

Views from Vibe Hotel, Subiaco

Everyone loves central Subi. It’s suburbs include Subiaco, Shenton Park, Daglish and Jolimont. The local public transport services include three train stations on the Fremantle line, bus services to and from Perth City, the western suburbs and the University of Western Australia, right next door to Kings Park. Subi the only place with a Hotel on a train station from Perth Airport. New Hotel Subiaco Perth (vibehotels.com)

Education and schools

Subi is home to Early Childhood learning schools, primary schools and high schools. Just down the road is is the iconic University of Western Australia to complete the journey at any time of life. Subi schools offer a strong sense of community to develop responsible and resilient learners, leadership across all levels of engagement and helping children to grow, discover and prepare themselves for the future.

Development opportunities

Princess Margaret Hospital – demolition

The WA State Government is delivering substantial economic, social and development opportunities through a transformational spend of $227 million in the areas of Subi East, Subi Centro and Jolimont. Changes to Subiaco Council’s Local Planning Scheme and Strategy has created more development sites to increase the number of housing choices, protect and cherish the heritage and history of the City and promote the economic and entertainment precincts in local neighbourhoods. Take your pick from:

  • Former Princess Margaret Hospital – currently under demolition
  • North side of Subiaco Road – zoned Residential Activity Centre 0
  • Hay Street East from Townshend Road – zoned Residential Activity Centre 0
  • 133 Salvado Road – Approved Local Development Plan from Development WA
  • 75 Thomas Street – for sale
  • Lot 203 Wunderlich Road – for sale
  • 25 Rowland Street – Approved by Subiaco Council
  • King Edward Memorial Hospital – to be demolished by State Government
  • Subiaco Village on Hay Street – under-utilised land opposite Vibe Hotel
  • 2 Bagot Road – under-utilised land opposite Kings Park
  • National Self Lock storage land owned by Subiaco Council

Whether it’s a new development now or plans for the future, there’s lots to look forward to in Subi.

Urban character and environment

Subi is well-known for it’s tree lined streets and urban tree canopy. The plan for urban tree canopy dates back to the early 1900 when Subiaco Oval was home to a plant nursery and seed exchange with Gallipoli so that fallen soldiers could be buried under gum trees in World War I. The heritage and urban character of the area has developed since 1897 with Federation homes, terrace housing, timber workers cottages, Art Deco apartments, garden suburb movement, Bauhaus architecture, social housing, tiny houses and Fonzi flats. Chimneys and verandahs are highly sort-after features of the urban character of Subi.

The City of Subiaco has recently launched its Heritage Achievements in 2020 which captures video stories of the City to enhance our sense of identity and preserves it for future generations. Residents can also apply for heritage grants of up to $5,000 to help restore and maintain buildings on the Subiaco heritage list.

A warm welcome to Subi…


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