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Scheme Amendment LPS5

Convincing elected members to commence a Scheme Amendment is not easy when the State Government has its mind set on selling off crown land for a few extra dollars of profit and the community don’t want that.

Lot 501, 304 Roberts Road (Subiaco Oval) and Mueller Park have not been coded by Subiaco Council in its new Local Planning Scheme No 5. These reserves came under the control of the MRA (Development WA) in 2017.

LPS5 coded other land under MRA control in 2019 but not its reserves in Subiaco. It’s time to code Subiaco Oval at Lot 501 before Development WA puts up a for sale sign.

Cr Blake Phelan has put up an Elected Members Motion to code Subiaco Oval – Parks and Recreation by a Scheme Amendment to LPS5. Here’s what you need to know:

Lot 501 and Mueller Park are not coded by LPS5

Subiaco’s LPS5 scheme map has no coding for Lot 501 and Mueller Park in white yet it codes the MRA areas R-AC0-3 in yellow

Why is it important to code MRA redevelopment areas?

Because MRA areas must have a Local Development Plan. Each development plan refers to Subiaco Council’s Local Planning Scheme 5. This grapic below shows the Local Development Plan for 133 Salvado Road, Subiaco and it mentions LPS5 at least 13 times.

Development WA have provided Land Use options in its Subiaco Redevelopment Scheme 2. These Land Uses are problematic to retaining the reserves for public use such as active sports space which is desperately needed in the City of Subiaco.

As you can see Subiaco Oval is earmarked for sale for Commercial, Retail and Residential. There is not much room left for community active sports space, if any! Rosalie Park is full and many children are turned away from group sports.

Please join us on Tuesday 20 July 2021 to make a statement in support of coding Subiaco Oval Parks and Recreation in LPS5. Thank you.

To make a statement or ask a question, please send it to city@subiaco.wa.gov.au on Monday 19 July before 5pm. Thank you.

Other relevant information

In 1903 a petition from residents in Subiaco, West Perth and Leederville successfully lobbied to protect the reserve for the “health and wellbeing of the people forever” while the former Mayor of Subiaco and first Labor Premier Henry Daglish was in power.

In consultation on the Subi East Master Plan over 92% of respondents said the vision of Development WA, did not match their vision for Subiaco’s State Heritage Listed Reserve in more than 500 submissions.

Submissions called for at least the replacement of 1.73ha of land used by Bob Hawke College for active green playing fields.

Children are being turned away from joining sporting teams because there is just not enough active green playing fields in the western suburbs and especially on a train station where all children from all suburbs are welcome.

Subiaco Council budget 2021/22 has funds set aside for Subi East $233,111, LPS5 and Strategy $55,990 and Communications and Engagement Corporate Overhead of $947,940 approved in June 2021.

There is a new Minister for Lands, Tony Buti who may be more agreeable to protecting the Lot 501 Reserve and updating the MOU.

The MOU is a live document with some outstanding agreements in principle:
a. Design excellence and functionality of the new high school is to be paramount in the master planning of the Precinct.
b. Traffic, transport, access, and parking arrangements will be suitable for all proposed uses in the Precinct and will consider the traffic impact on Roberts Road and Hay Street
c. a ‘green belt’ link will be included to link Mueller Park to the Subiaco Oval playing surface.
d. given the primacy of school functionality, as much active recreation space as possible is to be included in the master planning of the Precinct.
e. heritage interpretation will be incorporated in the master planning of the part of the Precinct comprising Subiaco Oval.
f. the master planning of the Precinct will investigate and negotiate the funding, ownership and management of a site suitable for a co-shared multi-use recreation facility, with use shared between the city and the State, but no commitment as to the State government funding of the facility is given in this MOU.

In the May 8 2021 article from the Post Newspaper titled, ‘Prying eyes could look out over Subi Oval’ the Education Minister when asked about how the safety and security of students would be protected in areas student have access to express her desire to ensure overlooking of residents and students was eliminated. Honorable Sue Ellery stated, “so they (students) are not looking into people’s backyards and equally people sitting on their balconies aren’t looking into the school.”

Subiaco Oval is on the State Heritage list from Roberts Road, Haydn Bunton Drive and Subiaco Road for its social and cultural heritage, the best-known oval in the State and well-known local landmark. inHerit – State Heritage Office

The community, via letters to the Post Newspapers and our elected members (under s 2.10 of the Local Government Act), would like to help the State Government change tack on the Reserve Lot 501 by seeking an amendment to the MOU and LPS5. Subiaco Council is a party to these documents and can attend meetings with the Premier, Ministers, WAPC, and Development WA to make representations for support of these amendments.

One comment on “Scheme Amendment LPS5

    July 12, 2021

    Lot 501 needs to be parks and open space for the use of rate payers NOT for the use of Developers. Subiaco has enough infill.

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