Julie Matheson

CFP Business Specialist | Local Government Expert | Community Advocate

Campaign against FORCED INFILL

Town Hall Meeting Ian Love, JM, Paige, Andre, Vicki

Unprecedented FORCED INFILL has been occurring since the Development Assessment Panels (DAP) came into force on 1 July 2011.  At the same time the Minister for Planning started exercising powers to approve any development in Western Australia.

The WA Planning Commission’s powers have increased and forced local councils to change their planning scheme to accommodate unsubstantiated population growth that was recorded back when WA was in boom times.  These planning schemes are drafted by planning staff that see their future job prospects with the WAPC or in private planning companies that profit from infill.

In my opinion it’s a corrupt and broken system.


Since 2012, DAP affected communities from all over Perth have come together to help each other.  We’ve had some small successes but the corrupt planning system has been against us until now.

In 2019,  Nedlands and Subiaco’s planning schemes were changed with the Minister for Planning using her powers to override the wishes of the community.  She also approved a tower building in South Perth against expert advice and community standards and expectations.

All Perth suburbs are or will be severely affected by FORCED INFILL, even if you live in the Hills.

Suburbs of Perth


Outraged by the Minister’s plans for FORCED INFILL, Nedlands community members organised a Town Hall Meeting on 18 February 2020 with speakers Ian Love, Julie Matheson, Paige McNeil,  Andreas Timmermanis and Vicki Redden.  The meeting had more than 300 residents and ratepayers from right across the Perth suburbs and the city of Bunbury.  The meeting proposed an Action Plan.

  1. Join the Town Hall Meeting group via the website p4rd.org
  2. Sign the Petition to seek an inquiry into the WAPC and DAP system Legislative Council Petition
  3. Sign the letter to the CCC and Auditor General detailing the corrupt planning system of Western Australia.  If you have a specific example please complete this form:

  4. Join this email list:  DAP Affected Communities
  5. Attend the upcoming 15th March Rally Flyer 2020 – Save Perth Hills
  6. Attend a meeting on steps of Parliament House 1 April 2020


If you wish to attend a meeting or speak with campaign organisers, please complete the form above.   You can call me on 0409 294 495

Thank you.

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