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City of Perth Bill before Parliament today

The future of the City of Subiaco hangs by a thread today.  The Legislative Council have formed a committee to do a Second Reading of the Bill, clause by clause. … Continue reading

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Promises, Promises Minister Simpson

Minister Simpson wrote a letter to the Post Newspapers with promises to Subiaco Council, and residents of the South Ward. The City of Perth legislation has bipartisan support. There will … Continue reading

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People Power – the political solution

In the March 2013 election, Premier Barnett’s Liberal government won a decisive majority in the state poll, marginalising the Nationals (ref. Crikey.com.au, 11 March 2013).  It was a blow for communities … Continue reading

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Premier Barnett claims Subiaco residents are not interested…

The City of Perth Bill 2015 is currently being debated in parliament and Mr Barnett claims the residents who are to be excised from Subiaco “are not interested” otherwise they … Continue reading

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Subiaco rejects the City of Perth Bill

Subiaco Council voted unanimously to reject the City of Perth Bill and let all parliamentarians know how we feel about it. I expressed my views on the Bill as follows: … Continue reading

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The Nationals WA to vote against City of Perth Bill 2015

In a letter to the editor of The West Australian, Shane Love MLA, Member for Moore has confirmed The Nationals WA will oppose the City of Perth Bill 2015 and … Continue reading

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Revoking Governor’s Orders

Has the Premier met the 11 February 2015 deadline to request a revocation? After the Premier’s comments to the media about the amalgamation process being over and his raising the … Continue reading

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Premier Barnett sums up Subiaco

Press Conference with Colin Barnett 12 February 2015 Question: Will the Governors Orders for the other boundary changes now be rescinded? Barnett: Cabinet hasn’t had a chance yet to look at … Continue reading

February 13, 2015 · 2 Comments

Peppermint Grove joins legal action without a challenge

The additional legal action initiated by the Shire of Peppermint Grove was due to have a Directions Hearing this morning. The Hearing was seeking to join Peppermint Grove’s legal challenge … Continue reading

November 17, 2014 · 1 Comment