Julie Matheson

CFP Business Specialist | Local Government Expert | Political Adviser

2011 Election Campaign

During my election campaign I raised a number of issues that had compelled me to nominate as a candidate for the East Ward of Subiaco.  In no particular order, they were:

  • to SAVE our Subiaco identity
  • to RETAIN our village lifestyle
  • to PROMOTE suitable development
  • to KEEP our independence

Julie Matheson is a local East Ward resident with 20 years experience in financial planning, community advocacy and a board member for national not-for-profit organisations.

Julie’s family moved to Subiaco in 2002 and saved an old home destined to be part of the West Perth business creep. Property development is making Subiaco unaffordable, and local residents and local businesses have been forced out.

Your vote for Julie Matheson is a vote to SAVE:

Subiaco’s Identity

With its central location, green open spaces and friendly community, Subiaco as a destination offering a village experience in living, shopping, and entertainment with amenities you’d expect from a place with a vibrant history.


Residents value retaining Subiaco’s built fabric with its character and lasting charm.  We know what we like and we want development sympathetic with our identity.

Local Decision Making

Subiaco residents have been defiantly independent since 1897.  Let’s keep it that way and say NO to council amalgamation.

My husband and partner Andrew Neal (RIP) of 18 years was a keen campaigner for my election.  He worked tirelessly door knocking and delivering campaign leaflets.

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