Julie Matheson

CFP Business Specialist | Local Government Expert | Political Adviser

2015 Election Campaign

Photograper: Julissa Shrewsbury

Photograper: Julissa Shrewsbury

Vote for Julie Matheson

23 September to 17 October 2015

As your East Ward Councillor I have proudly represented the needs of residents and business.

I have significantly reduced Council’s levy on Subiaco’s businesses. I am a strong voice for our residential community, and protect our beautiful streetscapes and heritage homes which gives Subiaco its charm and character.

Many residents and businesses want me to continue focusing on three key issues:

  1. Downward pressure on RATES. I’m on the record voting against rate rises this year;
  2. Zhoosh up our shopping and entertainment areas with interesting street furniture and brighter street lighting to keep us safe;
  3. Better PARKING options and permanant MARKETS to promote our village lifestyle.

For more on what I care about (Subi Oval, housing choices, council reform, #ScraptheDAP, traffic, our neighbours, City of Perth Act) see: http://www.juliemathesoncfp.wordpress.com

To vote for me TICK just ONE box on the ballot paper.

Thank you for your support.

Updates on postal voting returns to the WA Electrol Commission

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