Julie Matheson

CFP Business Specialist | Local Government Expert | Community Advocate


Julie Matheson for full-time Subiaco Mayor:

Your vote is vital to elect a full-time Mayor with a strong financial background to steer the city to do more with less rates.

You can count on me as a Certified Financial Planner® and former Councillor (2011-2019) to represent you – always.

Julie Matheson, March 2021

Julie Matheson is a CFP®Business Specialist, Local Government Expert and Political Adviser.

Business Specialist and CFP®

Julie Matheson is one of more than 192,000 Certified Financial Planners (CFP®) recognised in 27 countries.  The Financial Planning Association (FPA) is sole provider of the CFP® designation in Australia and Julie is one of the founding members (IAFP 1989) and current Director and Board Member (2006-2016, re-elected 2020).  Julie is a business specialist to financial advisers and their clients.  Read more >

Local Government expert

Julie was an elected member of local government (2011-2019) and received the WALGA Merit Award for her services to the community and to local government. Julie was instrumental in changing the Development Assessment Panels (DAP) after she launched the Scrap the DAP campaign for justice in 2012.

In 2020 Julie challenged the Local Government Standard Panel’s interpretation of the role of an elected member in the State Administrative Tribunal and won.  Read more >

Political Adviser

Julie has a Political Science degree (UWA) and is the FIRST Western Australian woman to register a political party in WA and Canberra: Western Australia Party.

Julie applies her UWA Political Science and International Relations degree to provide political advice to communities and lobby governments.  Read more >


Julie was popularly elected to UWA Convocation Council in 2016 and 2019.  Julie is the former Treasurer and volunteers her time to help manage Convocation’s finances.  Read more >

Since 1914 UWA graduates are automatically granted life-time membership of Convocation, the organisation established by the UWA Act to form the electorate for the University.

Julie’s Publications

Julie writes a regular newsletter on local government/WA planning controls and publishes content on websites to help people connect with a community of interest. To find out more follow these websites:

Port Hedland Now – a website for anyone interested in the history of mining and the Pilbara

Pioneers of Pilbara football – a blog to celebrate the pioneers of football in the Pilbara.

Scrap the DAP – a blog on communities affected by WA planning controls in the Perth Metro area and beyond.

Subi News – a newsletter on local government and planning and development issues in Subiaco and Perth.

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