Julie Matheson

CFP Business Specialist | Local Government Expert | Political Adviser

2018 Perth by-election

Vote for change in the seat of Perth by-election on 28 July 2018. 

Vote 1 JULIE MATHESON then number every box 2 to 15 on the ballot paper to make your vote count.

Your nearest POLLING BOOTH click here>>>

Julie Matheson started the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY to change the GST for WA, and WA planning rules in Western Australia.

Every time Julie Matheson speaks about the GST for Western Australia, the Liberal and Labor Party come up with another GST Lemon. Click here>>>

Julie is a Political Science and International Relations graduate from UWA (2012), and was elected to UWA Convocation Council in 2016. Julie is an award-winning Certified Financial Planner for her distinguished service to the profession, and a member of Beatty Park Masters Club where she likes to compete, swimming butterfly.

As a Subiaco Councillor, Julie received the WA Local Government Merit Award (2016) for distinguished service to the community, after campaigning to SCRAP THE DAP because of its negative effects on local communities.

Many suburbs in the seat of Perth have been affected by the Development Assessment Panels (DAP).  Julie has been there from the beginning, as a Subiaco Councillor since 2011, supporting these communities, and many more.  Read more>>>


WAP Brochure - local issues


Julie looks forward to your support to win the seat of Perth to scare the major parties who are very comfortable with two terms in government and two terms out.  It’s a revolving door.

If you want change, vote 1 Julie Matheson in the Perth by-election.

Switch to the website of the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY for updates on Julie’s campaign for PERTH.  Read more>>>

Thank you.

Russell Goodrick, Campaign Manager

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