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Subi East Precinct

The term Subi East Precinct was invented by the Landcorp and the MRA after Subiaco Council cancelled its Vesting Order over the Subiaco Municipal Reserve and handed over the WA Football Lease (1999-2090) and control to the State Government on 9 February 2018 signed by Mayor Taylor without compensation or funding for the City.

2018 MOU Subi Oval Map

According to Subiaco Council’s website, Council made the following decision:

2018 Council position on Subiaco Oval from Council Website

Kitchener Common Master Plan 2017

The Master Plan provides a football oval, two junior football ovals and up to seven rectangular fields in close proximity to West Leederville train station.  It will be the biggest community sporting ground on any train station in the Perth metropolitan area and could be the best location for interschool sports, country week sports, and local community sports.

The sporting ground links Mueller Park with Subiaco Market Square.  Other development included in the Master Plan:

  • Mixed use buildings built over the rail line
  • New pedestrian bridge over the rail line generous enough for cyclists too
  • Amphitheatre seating and viewing areas
  • Heritage Gates from the original Subiaco Oval
  • Conversion of Roberts Road to 2 way traffic
  • Three residential buildings up to 8-10 storey with street interfaces of 4 storeys on Subiaco Road, NOT on the Subiaco Oval reserve
  • Corner store/cafe/retail
  • Additional parking for functions
  • Football infrastructure in multipurpose building with potential WAFC HQ location

2017 Nov 16 Master Plan for Subiaco Oval

2017 Subiaco Council Approved Kitchener Common Masterplan looking west

Click here for the Kitchener Common Master Plan 2017

Click here for the MOU

Subiaco Oval Heritage Listing

Subiaco Oval and Recreation Reserve lot 12732 was placed on the State Heritage list on 2 March 2018, Place Number 23780.  Heritage listing included the AFL playing oval, stadium structures, lights, gates, together as shown on HC Curtilage Map P11923-0

The Minister for Planning approved the demolition of the entire site on 1 July 2019.  The demolition contract was awarded to R J Vincent and endorsed by the Administration of Subiaco Council and the MRA.

Click here for the video


Sports Cultural Space

In March 2019 Subiaco Council approved a new additional use of a Sporting Cultural Space for the Kitchener Common Master Plan.  Council also approved up to $150,000 for a high level concept plans to be used to sell the idea to the community and the MRA and Landcorp.

These concept plans have not been released to the public as of 8/9/2019.

2019 Taylor's Sporting Cultural Space

Landcorp Plans

In February 2019, the Minister released a concept image of the plans for Subiaco Oval and Princess Margaret Hospital.  The community were invited to have their say.

2019 Landcorps image of Subi East Precint

Landcorp February 2019

The significant differences to the Kitchener Common Master Plan include:

  1.  High-rise residential buildings on Subiaco Oval Reserve
  2. Only one football oval which will be used by the Bob Hawke College and the WAFC who have secured 3000 sqm and more than $110million as part of their lease agreement with the State Government.
  3. It’s not the biggest community sporting ground next to a train station anymore
  4. The sporting ground space linking Mueller Park and Market Square is missing

$227 Million Plan for Subi East

On 29 August 2019 the Minister for Planning released plans to spend $227 million with the expectation that it will attract $1 billion of private investment and 2,000 more homes built closer to public transport links (West Leederville Train Station).  No mention of the sports space Subiaco so desperately needs.

At the same time the Mayor of Subiaco released a statement to say “the City was working with the State Government to ensure the redevelopment brought vibrancy to Subiaco”.

“We’re working to capitalise on opportunities and ensure the redevelopment fits in with Subiaco’s existing character,” Mayor Taylor said. “The project will create over 3.4 hectares of public open space including unlocking Subiaco Oval for community use. During master planning, the City will be advocating for our community’s priorities which include optimising public open space, high-quality design and heritage interpretation,” she said.

No mention of the sports space either!

Final demolition of Subiaco Oval

Princess Margaret Hospital

Demolition of the former PMH site is expected to commence by the end of 2021, dependent on project requirements and further site investigations.

More updates will be posted soon.


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