Julie Matheson

CFP Business Specialist | Local Government Expert | Community Advocate

Video Archives

Sometimes words and photos just don’t say enough about campaigning to help people in the towns, suburbs and the city of Western Australia.

Here are a few campaigns from my video and audio collection:


Not long after being elected to Subiaco Council in 2011, I was stunned to find that the Development Assessment Panels could approve developments in a secret meeting.  The Wedge on the corner of Bagot and Railway Road Subiaco was one such building, despite my elected member’s motion to rezone the site R80 so that only residential dwellings could be built.  The DAP approved an office block with no residential dwellings.


I joined with John Carey, former Mayor of Vincent and now MLA for Perth, to call on councils to pass a motion to Scrap the DAP.  Since then there have been some changes to DAPs like decisions made in public and less panel experts with conflicts but there is still more work to do…


Western Australia’s share of the GST has always bothered me so I launched an campaign to fix the GST for Western Australia and ran as an independent candidate for the Senate in the 2016 Federal Election.  At the time WA’s share of the GST was just 30 cents in the dollar while other states balanced their budgets using WA’s share.  This was unfair, and people were hurting due to the loss of jobs caused by the downturn in mining.


I had a bit of fun a bit with the 2016 Senate election campaign speaking to Eagles supporters about the length of the Senate ballot paper and their thoughts on Eagles new home at Lathlain.


After the Senate election 500 friends including former Mayor Ron Norris from the Scrap the DAP campaign joined with me to register the Julie Matheson for Western Australia Party as a political party to make Development Assessment Panels an election issue in the 2017 State Election.


I was born and raised in the Pilbara town of Port Hedland.  Dust has always been an issue but residents and business always worked together to find solutions so that families can live close by to the place they work and enjoy the benefits of living by the ocean.  I introduced a Canadian company to the community to help solve the dust over Port Hedland.

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